This game is based on the game mechanics of Fruit Ninja, but bringing the user experience to many steps forward.

Gameplay and user experience: is this just a Fruit Ninja clone?
Not really! In the mentioned game the users can just cut in two halves the objects… pretty lame for a Ninja! In this game the user can actually slice & dice the items in a realistic 3D+Physics simulation: you can even keep them mid air while slicing because of the sword’s force! Moreover, the sliced parts worth more if sliced again and again, so it’s not just fun and realistic, you also get way more points dicing the items in little bits!

There are 13 special swords to unlock (in the first release… more to come) and they are not just cosmetic items: each sword adds more points to each single cut. This as well is a great improvement of the user experience. The Facebook and Twitter integrations adds a social twist to the whole user experience. On Apple’s products (iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac) the game is also integrated with Apple Game Centre.

Why the Occupy theme?

As a family we support the Occupy movement, but the everyday life and our location make impossible to us to physically participate, so we decided to contribute to the cause using our professional skills: the 100% of the net profit made by all the Occupy series will be used to support Occupy and related causes. In our view we’ll be helping to pay the legal fees to defend in court those arrested during the Occupy events, but we will consider also other forms as indicated in the official Support Occupy page.