Mobile/PC/Mac/Linux development.

Do you have a great idea but don’t know how to make it happen?

We can make it happen! DFT Games will produce your game or application for you.

You will keep the full ownership of the Intellectual Property of your game.

We offer 3 different type of contract:

  • Work For Hire (US Style): the resulting code belongs 100% to you and we cannot add the game to our portfolio. Our work is secreted under NDA.
  • Code Ownership (EU Style): the resulting code belongs to you, so you are free to resell it if you want to, but there is a clause about granting recognized authorship to DFT Games (also in derivative works), so our name must be on the credits page and we have the right to show on our portfolio the games made with our code. In case you sell the code, you must sell it including our authorship right and let us know to whom you sold it to allow us to verify that our credits rights are complied with.
  • Code Licensing: we license the code to you, so you do not own it and you cannot resell it (and we keep the derivative right as well). The code can be licensed on a “per title” basis or for “unlimited titles”. The Credits, authorship and licensing terms must be shown on the credits page and we have the right to add the title(s) to our portfolio.